The (Even) New(er) Mindset

Last week I had the opportunity to deliver my Haiku Deck based presentation, The New Mindset, to a group of around 75 high school teachers. The attendees ranged in experience from just 1 or 2 years teaching to, like myself, 30 years or more. At the time I believed that my “challenges” for 2013 were well received and certainly many of those present were complimentary about my presentation. However, yes there is always “However!” Today, I returned to school and to the company of many who attended my session. I was disappointed (I could go as far as alarmed) to see reams of paper spewing from coloured printers and to hear teachers complaining about lack of space in their filing cabinets.

As the only regular tweeter in the room, I also challenged my audience to join me on Twitter and reap the benefits of creating a PLN. The end result was four (yes, four) new followers; not exactly paradigm shifting! In the end I can only assume that my session of “Personal and Professional Disenthrallment” had limited impact. It would seem, the divide continues to grow between those who have accepted the inevitable transformation of education and those (still the majority) who are far more comfortable with monks in dimly lit rooms illuminating texts! OK, that last bit might have been a slight exaggeration.

On the positive side, my Haiku Deck has now surpassed 2500 downloads; an indication I hope that it contains a message which resonates with the readers of this blog. Some of the comments, messages and tweets I’ve received have been both complimentary and particularly affirming. The smallest of samples:

This brings me to my final point: I feel very much at home in the Twitter-verse and as many others say “I love my PLN.” But am I just “preaching to the converted?” I accept that getting others on board is never going to happen at the speed I would like. Yet, surely there are schools out there that are truly progressive and I would welcome comments about how you “inspired the uninspired.”

4 thoughts on “The (Even) New(er) Mindset

  1. Stick at it Simon. There s no easy way to change established patterns of behavior and the stats would indicate you and the other teachers using Twitter are early adopters … Your school is so fortunate to have you leading the way. Every person who adopts one new approach is a victory. You are definitely not alone when it comes to feeling deflated when others are not as excited as you are ( or able to see the marvelous opportunities ) by a PLN that is global and a classroom that offers students the opportunity to collect, curate, collaborate and communicate in spaces beyond four walls.
    Ypu are not alone ! 🙂

    • Hello again Jan … has taken me a while to reply, given that our students are now back in class. I do acknowledge the need to accept the small victories. I’ve always been one focused more on total victory lol I did put together a presentation on joining Twitter which i delivered Thursday to 7 or 8 colleagues. Pleasingly they all joined up and are taking the first baby steps. Perhaps I’ll get there in the end after all. Thank you for your continued interest and input 🙂

  2. I am in the same situation and wonder the same thoughts! I believe that if we keep arousing an interest and focus on our own growth mindset, they will come. Just the other day one colleague asked me about twitter. I was thrilled to have one person ask! It’s better than none. Remember, you’ve got 4!

    • Hi there Tammy, please forgive the delay in replying to your comment. This week was the first of a new school year for Australia. In the end I have now signed up 8 teachers to Twitter. Amongst them are three department heads so I’m hoping that this will lead to greater growth. I also put together a short presentation on Twitter which I hope to upload to my blog later. Hope you have a restful and enjoyable weekend. I promise to keep battling… do let me know if there is anything I can do to energise some of your colleagues e.g. live tweeting or following them 🙂

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