EduTECH Brisbane 2013

OK, so this will be a very short post … in part because I have exams to assess but also because everything I want to say is in an embedded Haiku Deck. Over the past two days I had the opportunity to attend EduTECH Brisbane, 2013. This meant that I had the chance to hear and even meet some genuine “rockstar” educators; Daniel Pink, Stephen Heppell, Alan November, Salman Khan and Sir Ken Robinson. That is not in any way to diminish the contributions of many “local” luminaries.

Fortunately for me (but not the exam marking) this coincided with the release of the latest Haiku Deck update. So, what to do? Well, to me it was obvious … download the update and create a new deck to “curate” the great learning from EduTECH. And here it is, a public deck with notes and explanations (one of the new features) that you are invited to download, use or embed in your own blog.
Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

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