QHTA: Digital Tools for Visual Literacy

Today, June 22 was the first day of school holidays but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to be a presenter at the QHTA (Queensland History Teachers’Association) Annual Conference. The day began with an engaging if occasionally controversial keynote by journalist and author, Anthony Lowenstein who spoke about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I also enjoyed a presentation by University of Queensland Classics lecturer, Dr. Tom Stevenson who discussed the life of Hypatia of Alexandria.

I presented a one hour session on three of my favourite digital tools, ThingLink, Pinterest and, of course, Haiku Deck. All three work well together and have been extremely useful and well received in my History classes. For those who participated in my session, the presentation (as promised) is embedded below. Of course, it is also available for my other, regular readers. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can offer any clarification or assistance. Two more presentations in the next few weeks … so I was never going to have a holiday anyway!


Digital Tools for Visual Literacy in the History Classroom

2 thoughts on “QHTA: Digital Tools for Visual Literacy

  1. Love this, Simon! Thank you so much for highlighting Haiku Deck. Your students are SO lucky to have such a connected and inspiring teacher. Cheers, Catherine and Team Haiku Deck

    • Hi Catherine
      Thanks for taking the time to boost my ego … though some would argue that it doesn’t need much help. You’ll be pleased to know that the teachers who attended my session were particularly taken with Haiku Deck; none had seen it previously. I’ve already received Twitter messages from 2 or 3 to let me know that they’ve made their first deck. My next conference presentation in early August will be produced exclusively in Haiku Deck and will be just about your winner app. (I really hated going back to Powerpoint so that I could show all three apps and use the available IT resources at the venue!) DEATH TO POWERPOINT remains my mantra.
      Simon @connectedtchr

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