Whinge-Fest 2014

So, I’m officially embarrassed … It’s been almost six months since I last posted on my blog. But, it hasn’t been for want of … well, wanting! I’ve still managed to churn out an article or two for Australian Teachers’ Magazine and Fractus Learning. I’m also chipping away at a couple of presentations for upcoming conferences. But, I also have some complaints to make; and not just about getting older (I’ll be doing that in another post in the next few days … yep, two posts in a week. How lucky are you guys!)

So, the three headline acts of Whinge-Fest 2014 are ready to take to the main stage …

Bucks Fizz, The Eurovision Song Contest winners of 1981, are making a long awaited comeback to the music business. Still best known for their song “Making Your Mind Up” … their lyrics have inspired School Principals and Administrators everywhere. In fact, I think I heard my boss humming it just the other day.

“That the time’s all right
For making your mind up.
Don’t let your indecision
Take you from behind …”

And, for true music nostalgia buffs who just didn’t understand the bearded lady at Eurovision 2014, check this out.


The Big O himself is no longer with us but you old rockers out there are sure to be dancing the night away until the wee small hours at our Roy Orbison Tribute Show. Who could not sing along with the catchy lyrics of “Working For the Man.”

“Well pick up your feet,
we’ve got a deadline to meet.
I’m gonna see you make it on time.
Don’t relax,
I want elbows and backs.”

(But, I do wonder how many teachers would actually have the energy to dance the night away?)

Because you have to save the best for last; we’re going to give you Alice Cooper. I for one hope he rolls out all his classic hits including “School’s Out.” I’ll be right there in the front row screaming along with Alice …

“Well we got no choice,
All the girls and boys
Makin all that noise …”

As Whinge-Fest draws to a close let me just say, “I want to be your sledgehammer.” I’m many things but subtle surely isn’t one of them. This is my 33rd year as a teacher and I can’t recall another like it. Why? Because huge, overcrowded senior classes (28 is my smallest), work intensification and vacillating, inattentive administrators have taken their toll.

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