A Crowdsourced List: Web Tools, Websites and Apps

When I first joined the Twitter-verse earlier this year I had no idea of the benefits that doing so would bring. I learned early on that it is not a matter of numbers; Justin Bieber can have his 30,428,926 followers (as of 11 am November 20, 2012) and I’ll settle for quality. One of the first things I discovered was how to crowd source, to learn from the collective expertise of those with whom I connected.

Before long I had “favourited” a large number of suggestions about effective Web 2.0 tools, websites and apps. Over the last few days I have spent (too many) hours working through these. The end result is a PDF file which I have given the descriptive if rather unwieldy title of A Crowdsourced List of 55 Websites, Web Tools and Apps: Categorised by Subject Department (With two random Pin Boards, one case of doubling up and even a song) Told you it was unwieldy!


The list includes hyperlinks (or directions as to where to find an app) along with my overview and recommendations. I’m pleased to say that I have used many of the 55 and therefore know them to be effective for classroom or wider use. Though principally created for the teaching staff at my own school, I’m hoping the list will gain a wider audience. Just click on the link to access the PDF.

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Crowdsourced List of Web Tools, Websites and Apps

Please leave comments, questions or even suggestions for additions to the list.

4 thoughts on “A Crowdsourced List: Web Tools, Websites and Apps

    • Hi Rebecca and thanks for the “shout out” in your comment. I certainly never expected, much like you, to become a Twitter convert. But having seen what it can do, I am determined to push my involvement in the Twitter-verse to its limits. No surprise that you were led to this understanding by George Couros … I believe he’s hoping to be back in Australia next January.
      If you would like to connect on Twitter, you will find me @connectedtchr (…and I will follow back!)
      Thanks again for your interest

  1. Thanks, Simon! A great list! I also find the following apps useful (all available on the iTunes App store, and mostly free) :
    ‘English Grammar, Writing and Spelling ‘ – guide to English grammar, writing and spelling rules, and revision quizzes
    ‘Writing Prompts’ – prompt generator to inspire creative writing
    ‘Quizlet’ and ‘Study Blue’ – create flashcards and quizzes for classes, or students can create their own for revision

    • Hello again … and thanks for your interest and taking the time to comment and contribute. My real dilemma was more what to leave out rather than what to include. Thanks for your suggestions … please believe that I will check them out!I must also find time to check out your WordPress site. Don’t hesitate if there is ever a post where you would like me to contribute.

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