The Year Ahead: #Bloggermore2015 1/26

It’s been a big few months; new address, new state, new job, new-rotic! (You knew I would get a joke in early.) Most of my long service leave has been devoted to renovating and painting our 1930s cottage in the beautiful Barossa Valley of South Australia. I’ve even discovered that YouTube is a great resource for the DIY challengedĀ like myself. It seems there’s a “how to” video for just about any repair job around the house … and some even ended up looking (vaguely) like the picture.

I didn't do this ... honest!

I didn’t do this … honest!

But now, my new position as eLearning Manager at Faith Lutheran looms large on the horizon. Yesterday I spent an hour in discussions with the school’s new principal and was certainly encouraged by his focus on learning and the significance of educational technology. My main responsibility will be to mentor my colleagues in the use of technology in order to redefine and enhance learning. No wonder I’m excited; but I’m also realistic about how much time I’ll have to devote to this role.

I also have two “big gigs” booked for later in the year. In March I will be delivering my very first keynote at the State Conference of the History Teachers Association of Western Australia. (HTAWA) I will also be returning to EduTech in order to present alongside fellow History teachers Jacques du Toit and Matthew Esterman. So, by now you’re probably wondering (at least I hope so) about the rather obscure hashtag in the title of this post. Yes, it is a direct nod to the J.K.Rowling website PottermoreĀ but it is also a challenge to myself. Though, of course, you might want to join me! Over the past year my blogging has become, at best, irregular. What I plan to do, therefore, with time at a premium, is to share the details and observations of my year in a series of 26 posts … one per fortnight with an aim of restricting myself to an achievable 200-400 words in each post. Please keep me honest and on track.

4 thoughts on “The Year Ahead: #Bloggermore2015 1/26

  1. Hi Simon,
    Great to see you blogging again, and I’m looking forward to your regular updates. Congratulations on your big gigs as well – you’ll be very informative and entertaining, I’m sure.

    I might try to join you in this challenge. Over the summer holidays I’m attempting a post a day, just to get me back in the habit of writing – I figure the more I practice, the better I’ll get. But I very much doubt that will be sustainable once I return to full time work – fortnightly sounds do-able.

    All the best for 2015.


    • Hi Corinne
      thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m certainly hoping than I can at least meet the fortnightly commitment … it’s always been in my nature to say yes to every opportunity. Hence, I already have speaking gigs at 3 conferences in 3 different states this year lol
      Hope you’re enjoying the last days of your break; do keep in touch.
      All the best
      Simon @connectedtchr

  2. Really looking forward to you coming to the Htawa conference – will try to remember to check blog every two weeks.

    • Hi Jordana
      thanks for the vote of confidence … I better think about writing a keynote soon!
      All the very best for the start of the school year.
      Simon @connectedtchr

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