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This is my 34th year as a classroom teacher of History and English. I shudder to think how many student drafts and completed essays I must have read. But, I’d hazard a guess that it would be closing in on 100,000 pages. And don’t even get me started on the number of spelling and grammatical errors I’ve struck through with a flourish of red pen. Would it be a million? Or more? I know that it was common these past few years for me to be grammatically outraged.

... and this is just one week's worth! Image: Copyright Chris Morgan at www.cxmedia.com

… and this is just one week’s worth!
Image: Copyright Chris Morgan at www.cxmedia.com

So, with that particular rant done, let me turn to the actual subject of this post. Grammar-ly is a comparatively new arrival into the realm of web applications which we call “grammar checkers.” The developers proudly boast that Grammarly will locate ten times the number of errors, in spelling, punctuation and grammar, than a word processing program … and you know what; they’re right. Having experimented with a test document, I decided it was worthwhile to include some screen shots. As you’ll see in the first, Grammarly did locate a large number of errors.

Just look at the errors ... fortunately it wasn't me that made them!

Just look at the errors … fortunately it wasn’t me that made them!


The feature that I most applaud is the explanation given as to the nature of the error. Take a look …

The error explained.

The error explained.

I can certainly see a whole range of benefits for authors, students (especially at senior secondary and tertiary levels) and education professionals. Grammarly conducted a study amongst freelance writers which concluded that writing ability (and accuracy) can have a considerable effect upon career opportunities. The results of the study were presented in infographic form in The Huffington Post. Pleasingly, Grammarly have given me permission to include that infographic here.

Proof that writing skills certainly do matter.

Proof that writing skills certainly do matter.


Grammarly has already attracted more than four million users around the world. There is a great Chrome extension and further versions and updates are on the way. If you want to know more than my bare bones review then please use this link grammarly.com/grammar-check

PS: I do wish auto correct wouldn’t keep changing Grammarly to Gram Marly … sounds like a Jamaican reggae star!

PPS: Yes, I did run this blog post through Grammarly … no further comment will be made on the errors!

6 thoughts on “Write Better-er With Grammar-ly

  1. What a great post Simon – I am so glad I took the time to read it and learn something new. I can see Grammarly could easily become a teacher’s best friend. It would be useful for some teachers who are not confident with grammar and its usage. I will be recommending your post and Grammarly to a few mates.
    P.s. If you do not get many comments it is probably due to the fact that folks will be nervous to express themselves in a grammatically error-free way 🙂
    P.p.s Gram Marly is Bob Marley’s long lost grandmother once removed (or at least the ‘e’ is 🙂

    • Hey Louise
      thanks for being the very first to comment on this particular post. And … you were right, fear of grammatical recriminations did keep people from commenting. Hope you have an awesome week. Is it OK for me to pass on your gmail address to Grammarly so that you can receive a free one month premium account.

  2. i agree that Grammarly is very useful and I have used it several times before submitting my final essays at Uni. It is a great grammar checker, but it doesnt replace the need to have a solid knowledge and understanding of grammar. I will admit that I used it in my first years at Uni and half the time I couldnt make sense of what errors it was detecting. After I took a summer school topic, professional communication, I understood Grammarly’s lingo and explainations. Suddenly, I was able to correct all of the mistakes Grammarly found in my writing.

    • Good morning Teresa
      I can only agree with you; Grammarly found some problems with my post that I didn’t “agree with.” In fact, they probably wouldn’t like the preposition at the end of the previous sentence. Nothing will ever fully replace the grammar checker in the author’s head. Enjoy your week,
      Simon @ connectedtchr

  3. Interestingly, after reading this blog post, I looked at Grammarly and found this, quite thorough, test of it:


    It is scathing, and went so far as to say they would remove the Grammarly ads from the site (at the time of the post, Grammarly was advertised on the site. It still is. Along with an advertisement for dating Russians and finding your next love. Ironic that they are so pedantic as to want to remove the Grammarly ad, due to it claiming to do more than it really does, yet they are happy to have ads that claim to find the next love of your life in Russia!!!).

    Anyway, just thought it worth sharing that. It is worth reading the article.

    • Hello Deon
      please forgive the belated reply to your comment. I haven’t accessed my blog recently as I’ve been preparing two conference keynotes; the first of them this weekend. I read the review of Grammarly; it certainly is scathing! But then again, I did meet Svetlana lol.
      Thanks for taking the time and effort,
      All the best

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